Scuba Diving Sites of Bahamas

The scuba diving sites of Bahamas are the best of it’s tourist attractions.It’s very likely once you take a dive you will always have it in your heart.With clean and blue water there are roughly 1000 diving sites situated in the Bahamas islands.As the Bahamas scuba diving spots have many attractive sights and beautiful seas creatures,some dive operators make their own living by giving diving lessons to tourists and touring them through the underwater coral reefs and shipwreckages.These extra services are mostly included along with the accommodation packages of resorts and hotels.

The price of diving packages are usually based on the number of dives you take daily along with your overall time of stay in a resort or hotel.That’s why,you should try to make the mos of your accomodation package by picking a spot near a diving site.

 The Eye Touching Abacos

This Bahamas scuba site has an array of amazing colored corals and different species of fishes.It’s an area of wildlife parks and sanctuaries.Porpoises,green turtles,moray eels and sea horses can be found here in Abacos islands.


The marine wildlife isn’t the only single attraction of Abacos.It’s also a well known spot to ship wreck divers. The USS Adirondack which was a Civil War boat that struck underwater reef and sank in 1862 is very known to them.Also many Spanish ships in the 17-18th century sank in these nearby spots.Divers can explore them and get a real life show of the ancient ships.

Deep Blue of the Andros



The Andros Island,home to the third largest barrier reef in the globe commonly known as The Andros Barrier Reef. This huge reef from it’s own settlement touches the abyss and  as a result came to be known as  The Tongue of the Ocean, because of the similar shape to the tongue.Here in the Andros,divers can dice through the fascinating blue holes. These holes are actually very deep fissures which got formed because of water erosion at the end of the ice age just before it got flooded.

This is a spot of wreck diving too.The Potomac ship sank right here after World War II. As sunken ships slowly becomes the living place of marine creatures divers are able to get a glimpse of them while diving here.

Sightseeing In The Bahamas

Bahamas,one of the major tourist destination in North America.If you have never been to the Bahamas in your vacation than you have been missing a lot.The climate,scenes and the transparent blue water are just some of the attractions of the this amazing site.

The Bahamas consists of many small islands.Among them Grand Bahama and new Providence are the two main.All of the islands features beautiful sites for vacation.The crystal clear water,stretch of white sand beaches and perfect weather combination makes everything worth of joy.


Several different airlines  have flights to the Bahamas. If you want to go at Nassau than there are direct flights available to the spot.You can also reach by cruise.For every cruise ship’s route Nassau is a very popular stop point.

When you want to relax,there are so many options to suit your needs that you can’t even imagine.The beaches are situated very close to all the resorts,so you can take walk through the wavelets where land meets water.It’s an experience you don’t want to miss.How about you want to sunbathe?No problem there are so many beaches all around you can take your own spot and relax as you want.Maybe you like playing golf.There are world class gold courses there as well.If want to enjoy gambling,many casinos are available which offer different kinds of sports starting from betting,table games to slot machines and so on.

Again,you must plan some activities to enjoy your vacation at the Bahamas.They will be just a few steps away from your hotel room.